Saturday, September 29, 2007

Weekend in the UC

Last weekend we went up to Provo. We got together with my old roommates, and some other friends and all their men. It was so great, I have the best friends ever.

We spent a gorgeous morning up at Promontory in Park City.

Cleo's Nightly Ritual

Cleo at Night
As of late Cleo has adopted this new and interesting sleeping habit. Every night when Steve and I start getting ready for bed Cleo happily slides under the bed and begins her long beauty sleep. We chuckle every night when we see one or many of her appendages hanging out from under our bed. She is so odd and so fabulous!

Labor Day with the Hendersons

For Labor Day the Hendersons came down to sunny St. George. We had a great time hiking, and eating, and watching adorable Zach and Kate.

Cleo's first experience with a baby ... she's a fan, as is Zach obviously.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Travels to the Far East

My travels to Asia were sensational. We started in Japan, moved on to China and ended our trip in Hong Kong. These pictures are in reverse order since the blog tricked me, but it still works. Paul, Julia, my mom and I spent 2 weeks seeing the sights and living it up. Enjoy the greatest hits photos! Since Hong Kong was under British rule until 1997, the one child policy is not in effect there, thus these adorable twin girls.

This is the apartment my parents brought brand new baby me home to.
The Junks of Hong Kong (Junk = Sketchy Boat)

Amazing down pour .....didn't slow the Stowell girls shopping spree
Shang Hai
Take note of the names of the dishes.

My mom and Paul have very fond memories of this ferry, the Star Ferry. This ferry got you from the mainland side of Hong Kong to the island.

Shuz Hou (not sure of spelling), my favorite smaller city.

We took a river cruise down the Yangtze River, these are the famous gorges.

Julia and I were confused.

"Please buckle in your beverage" .... good idea flight attendant, one can never be too cautious with their most precious items

The Forbidden City

The Great Wall

This entire temple was covered in real gold leaf.

Bamboo trees

Above is a Japanese fish market at approximately 4:30 or so in the morning. Paul and my mom thoroughly enjoyed some very very fresh tuna rolls and other questionable sushi.

I was so lucky to experience something so great with people I love. It was so great to come home to Steve and Cleo, I missed them and I'm pretty sure they missed me.