Sunday, November 15, 2009

Pete Came to Play

My brother Peter came down to San Jorge to play for a weekend. We pretty much ate a lot and hung out with the beasts, per Peter's request. Please click on this pic and enjoy the awesomeness that is mia's freaking ridiculous face, you see we were taking a photo with a digital camera, mia hates technology, thus this face.
Down at the river with the beasties. Lucy thought it would be appropriate to do a sand nose dive, go figure.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween madness

This Halloween was extra special, you see we are hosting the other canine cohorts of the Stowell family here at Casa Henderson until the middle of December while my parents galavant about the country/world. They are transitioning into their Santa Barbara house, and travelling a lot until December, thus Mia the Boston Terrier Pug mix, aka designer breed Bugg, and Lucy, the old and sort of grump-tastic Newfoundland are living the good life in the desert with us. Cleo wanted to be a Hawaiian girl for Halloween, she looovveedd it.
Our darling pumpkins

Oh uh and Mia, she wanted to be a pumpkin too.