Wednesday, May 14, 2008

eye opening experience

Pups eyes have opened, here are a few shots of the little creatures.

Bryce got hitched!

Last Saturday Steve and I made the trek to Vegas for Bryce & Julie's reception. On the way we bought a new car. Actually we had planned to go down in hopes to end the never ending search for a new car for Steve and to hit the reception. Our friend Bob found us the newest addition to our family, our sweet honda accord. Ok, it's not a child, but we do like it a lot, it's a vast improvement from Gia the KIA. Perks to the new car are as follows: I can actually use it as a vehicle when I need to (no I could not drive the KIA because a)it sucked and b)it was a stick), and it has all the fancy upgrades you could ever want, including butt warmers, for all those cold nights in the desert. Anyhow, I'm quite pleased with Steve's new ride. Back to the wedding, Bryce Stewart, my fabulous old friend from my days at King Henry got married last Saturday. The reception was fun, check out Julie's awesome dress. Not only did I get to see Bryce, but my other wonderful long lost redneck friend Kent Breard, lucky me! It really was a great night, it made me miss the college days and also made me want to plan a reunion of sorts. Enjoy the pics!

Bryce & Julie, so sweet

AUDREY SANDWICH, by far and wide the best sandwich around, Bryce on the left and Kent on the right.

The grand exit