Sunday, July 5, 2009

The Vegas Special

Steve and I headed down to the vegas last saturday to help celebrate Steve's brother Mike's birthday. While the boys did boy things like shoot stuff, Heidi and I went shopping, man we had a ball. That town center mall is pretty sweet, h & m really makes any place pretty sweet if you ask me. Then we had a super fast but yummy dinner and hit the show. Phantom was wonderful. It's been tied for all time favorite musical in my book for a long time, along with Cats, so obviously I enjoyed it. Once again I was hot, but it was worth it, we had a fabulous time Mike & Heidi!

Aww brotherly love, sort of. Why is it that boys don't hug and smoosh together uber close like girls, it's really unfortunate, they are missing out.

Heidi and I, yeah we got fake eyelashes from MAC, yeah they were awesome.

The chandelier that tried to crack my head open.

That's the second time I've used that clutch, i'm desperate for more places to wear it, because i heart clutches, makes me feel like such a fasionista.

Friday, July 3, 2009

uuhhh what happened

I tried to be cool and download a new background thing for my blog and I think I broke it. Anybody out there good at fixing what I broke so i can have a cute shabby blog like everybody else??!?!