Tuesday, July 29, 2008

sweet vacation

Steve and I headed to wicked sweet southern California for a much needed vacation. We stayed in Oceanside, just north of San Diego. This vacation was both a celebration of the end of the puppy chapter as well as a celebration of being married buddies for 3 years! By the way time really does fly. Also I think this vacation really brought home the point of vacations and we realized how necessary they are to living a happy life. Thus, more vacations for the Hendersons.Beach time, heck yes.

San Diego zoo elephants, I want one.

We went to Old Town, which was charming and adorable.

We drove up old highway 101, which obviously was the old highway that goes up the coast. We stopped I think in Cardiff by the Sea to watch the sunset, it was almost too amazing.
Gorgeous Hotel Del Coronado, on the adorable island of Coranado. I think we are going to buy a house there as soon as I find that million dollars I misplaced.