Friday, February 20, 2009

so cleo

this clip is so cleo. please watch and laugh hard at the awesomeness

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

2 babies + 1 wedding + 1 bridal shower = euphoria

In addition to valentine festivities last weekend, I went up north for my fabulous friend Rachel's wedding. All my hott ladies flew in and gathered so we could party. We took the chance to throw a 2 babies and a wedding shower for fanny and buff who are due in may, just 3 days apart, and kristin who is getting hitched in june in texas (can't even wait to post about that cause it's going to be such an awesome trip it will knock all your blogger socks off). THE MADNESS! It was fabulous and i thank my lucky stars every day for these wonderful girls.also fanny is having a girl and buff is having a boy .. this picture will be on the slide show when their babies get married in 25 years.we hired a stipper ... ha ha ha a joke .. that is christy's hubby chaselook at that, two of the hottest baby mama's everrach & chad february 13 2009 ... congrats!look at that dress, it was marvelous. she looked BEAUTIFUL

i heart weddings. so much so that with this last one of my close friends getting married in june i'm considering having steve and i renew our vows this summer on our 4th anniversary, so we can have another wedding/awesome party. is 4 years too soon?

Monday, February 16, 2009

i heart my valentine

for valentines this year we took a stand to the mediocre restaurants in st. george and had our own fancy dinner at Le'Hendersons. The chef cooked some beautiful filet mignons, twice baked potatoes, and salad. This loveliness was followed by ...CHOCOLATE FONDU! Steve cooked it all for me while I happily read my US weekly on the couch. It was splendid.Then we took a photo, and cleo such the ham decided to be in our romantic valentines photo, she totally posed, it was uber funny. This is take 1 of the fondu photo, i kind of love this picture a lot. makes me laugh.awww so precious. steve really was happy, that's his i'm so happy i could scream face.

What would you dooooo for a Klondike bar?

Last weekend Steve went on the Klondike with the young men. OH MY STUPIDEST THING IN THE WORLD! On the Klondike you drive up to some snow bound mountain in the middle of nowhereville and promptly dig yourself a snow grave to "sleep" or die in. I don't even get it. Steve knew he would be cold so he layered himself to oblivion. Upon arriving home the next afternoon, shockingly alive, he stripped his layers. It was too funny to watch. I believe he said he had 8 layers of shirts and 6 of pants. No klondike bar is worth this, maybe a diet coke, but never a klondike bar.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

winter blues?!?!

I think not! Just haven't had much to post but even I'm bored with my blog. So here are the things I have been enjoying lately ...

that's me erin and ang playing BUNCO!! Seriously that's a real picture, we look good. So who knew rolling dice over and over would be so fun. I made some friends, ate some mexico, and even came up with my signature bunco role.

getting my gym on like britney. i too wear my sunglasses in the gym. (and sometimes at night). Steve and i are using up our last couple of weeks at rezults in BUFU! We switch to the washington rec center feb. 26, so so excited. The rec center is approximately 4.2 minutes from our house versus rezults being 20 minutes. The rec center has tv's on every piece of equipment, that's pretty much why we signed up for it, that and the distance thing, but mostly the tvs.

Hanging out with this beast. She is pretty much really pissed in the second picture. Probably because i told her to lay off the oreos.

watching this totally ridiculous but fabulous show(the bachelor). it's a complete guilty pleasure and after every season i vow to never watch it again, but alas it sucks me in every time.

-Doing a lot of young womens-ing. Gotta get New Beginnings together like stat

-Having a lot of fun with crazy drug side effects!

-Chillin like a villain. January seemed to go by so wicked slowly for me. I've been busy but it's just been a long month. Probably a lot of that has to do with a little project steve and i are working on, but regardless i'm quite pleased it is now february. HAPPY GROUND HOG DAY TO EVERYONE TOMORROW!