Friday, July 16, 2010

stealing photos

Just ya know, stealing photos from Natalie's blog. Thanks Nat! Here is a brief recap of Girls Camp. It was excellent, 2 days up were perfect, Nat was a good car companion, loved the cold weather, loved the YW. EXCELLENT TIMES!

Saturday, June 5, 2010


So don't have time to argue with blogger, so this is how it goes, reverse order. The title is fitting to this post. I have grown quite tired of the viagra spam comments that keep getting left on my blog, thus a quick and random post for a 2 fold purpose 1) stop the spam 2) let you know i'm alive and well. So below is a photo of McDoverton. More on him later, well actually her, but anyway he/she is the dove who lives in our palm tree in and has babies and she's cute and i watch her and love her/him. It's complicated. Natalie, my dear sweet Bergette had a GOLDEN BIRFDAY PEOPLE!! So we celebrated. Here is the photo I owe you Nat, sorry it's like forever ago. LOVE YOU MUCHO FRIEND!

Oh and no she didn't turn 16, those were just the candles she got.

Then for Spring Break my fam gathered in Park City for a fun filled long weekend. Jason and Lauren blessed baby William. Oh yeah by the way LAUREN HAD A FREAKING DARLING BABY!!!! His name is William and he is the first grand baby and we are all obsessed. That's pretty much what you need to know.

Here is just one close up of the little doll. More to come, like a lot more.
Then it was my birfday, my 26th birfday. It was awesome. Fun, food, friends and fabulous-ness!
Sure do love my Esteban

Michelle, my business partner, tricked me into coming into the store and then gave me a cupcake and a cutest cute bracelet. Below is said cupcake.

SUSHI WITH SANCHE, best lunch ever!

So that's a glimpse into my life the little last while. I'm happy, busy and loving it! TA TA FOR NOW.