Friday, June 27, 2008

long overdue update

As I'm sure you all can imagine our life has been quite hectic lately. Last weekend I was in Chicago for Laura's wedding and a puppy delivery. Tuesday and Wednesday of this week I was in Salt Lake for my friend Christy's wedding and also to put a pup on a flight to Denver, and drop a pup in Eagle Mountain and Lehi. Last night Wallace's family came to pick him up and I have 2 families coming tomorrow to pick up pups and one Sunday. By the end of the weekend we will be down to a meesely 4 puppies, one of which is sold but cannot be picked up for a few more weeks. So we only have 3 more to sell! This whole experience has been much more emotional for me than I had imagined it would be. I have decided I simply have too tender of a heart to have puppies. I have grown so attached to these pups, and how is this for pathetic as I sit and write this tears are forming in my eyes. I have loved every moment I have had with these pups and it has been very bittersweet to see them go. The families that we have chosen to buy pups have been the best so that makes it a little easier to let go. Enough rambling on, enjoy the pics. I had the day off today and I finally for the first time in about 2 months feel like I have caught up.

This is all the pups, minus Howie, in the back of my jeep heading to my clinic for check ups, vx etc. They treated the back of the jeep like a wrestling pit, the noises I heard coming from the back of my car were unreal.

Wallace and Cleo "sharing" a bone. Cleo is so patient with kids and babies and her puppies when they play with her stuff, I've never heard her growl at another living thing or even act sketchy like that, she is the best dog.

Laura and Andy got married June 21 downtown. It was a gorgeous wedding. Laura looked amazing and it was so so great to be with my old buddies.

So fun to get all fancy!

Rebecca, Laura, Ann, me and Maggie, great friends.

I brought Howie to Chicago with me last weekend. I was headed to Chicago for Laura's wedding and it worked out that a family bought him from Illinois so along came Howie for the plane ride and a couple of seriously fun days in Winnetka.

Howie and Mia meet, hilarious situations ensue. Lucy barely tolerated Howie's presence in the house. Lucy did not appreciate it when Howie tried to um succle her.My dad totally loved Howie too. It was pretty funny to watch Dad oohing and aahiing over Howie. My mom and Juice and I just sat and watched him and of course took pictures to document the occurence of Dad Puppy Love.
Mia and Howie were too funny to watch play. Howie completely loved her and would wag his little bum around as soon as he saw her. They were in love for that short weekend, a love that will never be forgotten.When it has not been blistering hot here in the desert the pups love to go out in the backyard and play. They are so cute when the all play together and reak havoc on the yard. I love them even when they are bad, in fact I might love them more when they are bad because they make me laugh.

Love the action shot, these 2 are the most feisty and have always picked on each other, it's pretty funny.

Wallace and Steve. Wallace was our tank, the biggest of the litter.

Bachelorette party for Laura in Vegas. I'm so glad I got to play with my old friends Maggie and Rebecca from, it was fine holiday fun.

Pups attacking Cleo, she is such a good sport.
Daphne sleeping in the food dish.

Steve bought a new car and as a result this one is for sale, it's a wicked sweet KIA Optima, excellent fuel economy. Any takers? Seriously though, somebody buy this from us right now.
Cleo and Odette having a good old time romping around the family room.

Sometimes when I do things Cleo doesn't approve of she sits on me too Poodle, don't take it the wrong way, she just has to regulate from time to time. (those pathetic little gray legs are part of cleo's favorite toy, Poodle) These pictures are of Tori's springer spaniel Birdie playing with the pups. At first she was mighty afraid of the little gremlins, then she decided that she loved them, the feelings were mutual.
One of the weekends Steve was up north working my ladies from work came over to keep my company and rock out on Guitar Hero. It was glorious! Christy is amazing at the guitar especially for an old lady.
Christy and Tori in deep deep focus.
Mom & Milton.
Memorial day this year was a Stowell girls weekend. We shopped, we dined, we played with pups and even got a hike in at the Lava Caves. It was such a fabulous weekend that we decided every year a Stowell girls trip will take place. If our brothers marry cool enough girls we may invite them, we'll see.

Lava caves are very dangerous, only for experienced hikers like Steve and I.

Grandma and Grandpa and Pam came in the beginning of the weekend.

(this was the first day of weaning the pups hence cleo's nastiness)