Sunday, December 2, 2007

Beth's Wedding

Beth & Brenan, Novemer 23, Cardston (freaking cold) Alberta CANADA

Fanny and Braden (i so heart them)
My favorite part of this photo is Rachel's face and Emily's too. Sorry ladies, it had to be put up.
Between luncheon and reception we made a quick trip to the grocery to stock up on Canadian delicacies such as Ketchup Chips and Wunderbars ... and then promptly ate them, and may I say A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. I would like to start bringing Kethup chips into America by the ton. Could someone please make that happen? That's what I want for Christmas.
... also isn't Emily hot in her polka dot dress and checked shoes.

Fanny really tried to catch that boquet, but so did everyone else. Check out Emily trying to block Rach.

Turkey Day

Thanksgiving was absolutely marvelous. I got to enjoy the best of both worlds, in two countries - imagine that! All my family flew in to spend the holiday in St. George. We had a truly delectable turkey dinner and shortly thereafter I jumped in Mario and headed for the airport to ship out to Canada. My very close friend Beth, a Canadian, got married the day after Thanksgiving in Canada. So when I say I got to enjoy the best of both worlds what I mean is I was lucky enough to be with my best friends and my family.

Just chillin like villains on the turkey day. Cleo thoroughly enjoyed all the attention. She was told she was and I quote words from THE David Stowell's very own mouth "She is the prettiest dog I've seen".

Family photo, Cleo looks like she is ready to eat Peter up. Peter, Julia and Cleo on the floor, and from left Dad, Mom, Lauren, Jason, Paul, Steve and white pasty calves, I mean me.
After the amazing Beatles Love show in Vegas. On the tail end of the trip we hung out in Vegas. I met everyone there on Saturday afternoon after flying back from the Canada.

Mckelle's Baptism/Emma's Blessing/All around good times with the Hendersons

We are so glad we got to spend time with Mike and Heidi and girls. It was so great to see Mckelle get baptized and Emma blessed. Can't wait until they all live closer! My sisters-in-law, Emily to my left and Heidi to my right. I can't begin to express how grateful I am to have them in my life.

Our neice Mckelle who was baptized that day.