Sunday, June 28, 2009

Stan got hitched

Below is a picture of my dear sweet Christy. Her face and overall excitement pretty fairly sums up how I felt about my entire stay in the great state of Texas. I had the best time ever, I pretty much want to just hang out with my girlfriends all the time and get our nails did, eat texas shaped waffles, bust up rental cars, talk about buffalo speedway and the bum bum dance and a lot of other awesome things that we always do when we're together. I enjoyed la Tejas for 5 days. These 5 days included a wicked awesome trip to Schlitterbahn, just look it up, it's real and incredible. It's a giant water park in Galveston, fine holiday fun, also shopping, pie eating - 2 time, mansion hopping etc. etc.. Also WEDDING FESTIVITIES!! Which in fact was the "purpose" for this trip. So my friend Kristin, we all call her Stan, married Jason Anderson in the Houston temple and it was hot and awesome. So hot, I can't even talk about how hot it was, I almost melted at least 16,743 times. These pics are from the bridal luncheon the day before the wedding, this was one of the mansions we endured hanging out in.Cute southern tradition numero uno: the bridesmaid cake had charms for each of us to pull out of it, then they told our fortune based on the charm we got. Mine was a spicy hot tamale, the fortune for which was a hot romance in my future, uhh duh haven't you even seen my husband.
The happy couple, Houston temple = very pretty, but hot
oh my gosh it's like eating a pixie stick to see how sweet the above photo is, this pose by the way is not for the faint of heart, very difficult, many years of weddings to master

Stan was the hottest, in both ways. The poor thing, she was a trooper though.
Can you guess what this facility is used for during business hours?? I bet you can't ... doesn't it look glorious
cute southern tradition numero dos: umm grooms cake, need I really say more?!?! I mean those are real old fashioned Dr. Pepper bottles full of real DP, and then the "cooler", cause naturally that's what they are in with the ice and such, the cooler has Jason's alma mater on it (with which he is totally obsessed with, good luck Andersons if your kids want to go anywhere but there). You have to click on it to see the uber incredible details.
This is my second favorite photo of the trip, just look at J-Dawg (my friends hubby). He's toasting youYay for weddings and the AndersonsYeah and those certainly are cropped white cowboy boots that Stan certainly wore to the reception.
Then they drove away in a sweet Nissan Z. (That too is the answer to my previous question to you bloggy bloggers, the reception was held at the Nissan dealership for which Stan's dad is a manager)
It seriously was a glorious weekend, good times, excellent memories, really hot.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Flour Tag

A few tuesdays ago the Beehives (the group of youth I'm in charge of) were in charge of organizing the joint young men/young women activity. The Beehives have been begging me forever to play flour tag, and so since i'm the coolest leader ever we went with it. We played capture the flag flour tag style. As you can see everyone wore black and had a nylon full of flour, and you tagged people by hitting them with your flour sack. It was chaos, fun, and fabulous. I couldn't believe how many youth showed up, usually we have like 30 or so on a good night, this night I counted at least 48, apparently word spread. Here are the hilarious pics, I especially enjoy this first one of Terica, she's pretty much the coolest.

I am in this one, i believe my face is being covered by victorious excited arms.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Cleo's Birthday

My dear sweetheart Cleo turned 3 years old last Thursday. She spent most of her celebration of her birthday doing this: She is a professional sun bather, she could put anyone anytime to shame. Later in the evening she decided to put on a birthday bow, you should have seen her use her little paws to tie that bow, quite impressive especially considering she has not thumbs. She's my purdiest.Now you may look below and say, wow Audrey you really gave your dog cookies, aren't you a vet tech, shouldn't you know better? To which I say, bet you didn't know that those are homemade dog cookies, in the shapes of dog houses, paws and two sizes of bones, bet you didn't know that I was that obsessed with my dog. Well now you do, and yes that is a cold hot dog cut up and placed on the dog cookies as a garnish.Here is the birthday princess devouring her glorious birthday goodies in an un-princess like manner. Oh how I love her.

In other news, I'm gearing up for an awesome and somewhat busy summer. Next week I go to Houston for my last college friends wedding (slow tear streaming down face). Since it is the last wedding we are making it a little bit of an extended girls trip so I can fully enjoy my really awesome girlfriends. Shortly after sinking that moollaahh into airfare to houston, i decided I was on a roll and booked our tickets to New York, where my older bro Paul is getting hitched in July and then I was like I haven't quite spent enough money or gotten enough time off work so I'm going to go ahead and stop in Chicago for the week after the wedding and chill with my fam damley some more, after all they miss me greatly. Really I'm super super excited, I so need a chance to go home and hang out with my family. And after that it's girls camp then it's practically september which means a cooling pattern is around the bend and i'll be ok. Vote for Cleo every day at, just do it, don't ask me any questions.