Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Well the blessed day is here. Cleo had her puppies starting at 5:45 am and ending at 12:20 pm. 6 gorgeous girls and 6 gorgeous boys. I was sure she was done at 10, I started to clean, wash towels, change her bedding, I even started to eat breakfast, which was actually lunch, then she just popped a couple more out and completely took me by surprise. She is hands down the toughest and most amazing dog ever! She is such a good mom too, she loves her little dozen. Enjoy pics and get excited because I'm probably going to update the blog with puppy pics 5 times daily.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

please note

Friends and family please note that Cleo has created her own blog, with a little guidance from me, after all I am the one with opposable thumbs. Her blog is: www.cleosbullmastiffpuppies.blogspot.com. She wants you all to tell anyone you know that may be interested in a puppy to check it out.

AN UPDATE: Cleo is exceedingly lazy and flipping enormous as of today. She is due this week, Thursday to be exact. Cleo consistently gives me the stink eye to let me know how peeved she is about this situation. I will update the blog as soon as the pups arrive!

Thursday, April 3, 2008


Cleo is ssoo preggers! She wanted to tell everyone and the best option she could come up with was this t-shirt. She ironed on the letters herself. Such a craft mom to be she is. She will have puppies around May 1. Come one and all to see the glorious-ness of the pups!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Whirl Wind

The title of this post is Whirl Wind for good reason. I have been all over this state as well as Nevada and Calfornia over the past month and a half. Since the first weekend of March I have not spent a weekend in my sweet home. Although it's been madness and mayhem, it has been great. I have been to 2 temple weddings, 2 bridal showers, 1 bachelorette party, 3 receptions, Easter dinner, Henderson dinners, and bred my dog. I'm kind of tired. Also we are leaving for Chicago for a week on Saturday. Which will be supah relaxing for me, thank goodness.

I have been reminded over the past several weeks how lucky I am to have these places to go in the first place. I'm so lucky to have the best friends one could ever hope for. A family that means the world to me, and I'm even lucky enough to have the best dog in the world. So here are all the pictures from my wonderful life, enjoy!

Easter dinner at Pam & Wynn's. My parents, Peter & Julia, Grandma & Grandpa, Pam & Wynn and Cleo and Steve and I enjoyed a fabulous dinner in Salt Lake. We even were able to throw in an impromptu family picture.
Oakland Temple on the day of Emily and Jason's wedding. It was a gorgeous day, windy and chilly but wonderful. THE RUSSONS!! I heart them.
The reception was mexi-fabulous! The Haycock's know how to throw down the party, Mariachi band and all.
The blushing bride and I. Don't you think it looks like she's thinking about In-N-Out coming to St. George, yeah me too.
Tiffany & Braden, ahh the Balls, i heart them immensely too.

Look at all of us hotties. We really have got this wedding thing down pat, as I said to the photographer at Fanny's wedding, this aint our first rodeo if you know what I mean.
My 24th Birthday. Steve is wonderful. 24 roses for my 24th, and he made me this wicked cool card. He even entered female mecca and the male awkward town of Roberts Arts and Crafts to purchase cutesy stickers to put on my card. He vowed to never step foot in that crap hole again. Also he made me dinner.
My Fanny-Pak!

Presidents Day weekend, our niece Kate & Cleo fell in love.
Cleo seriously has a crush on Kate, I think the feelings are mutual.
Cleo and Harley. This is Cleo's boyfriend, they are in love. They were in love 7 times in one week.
Cleo thinks his spike collar is hot, that's why he wears it.