Friday, November 21, 2008


My brother Paul's 30th birthday was on Monday. The friday before there was a fabulous party held in his NYC apartment in his honor. We lived in Japan a long time ago and in Japan, as many of you may know, this giant pink kitty is kind of a big deal. This is HELLO KITTY! Paul got way more hello kitty in his life than he bargained for mainly because of his 2 younger sisters, Lauren and I, who quite enjoyed the kitty of hello. There was an amusement park devoted to this feline, which we frequented back in the day, and basically everywhere you turned in Tokyo you see this kitty and her little friends.

There is the background, and if you knew Paul and the rest of my siblings it would be even funnier, but regardless this post should knock your socks off. So for this milestone of birthdays my siblings and I had all been racking our brains for a brilliant idea, he is very difficult to buy for, mostly because things he needs he just buys and beyond that he is not really interested. Oh men, you have it all wrong, but that is neither here nor there, but perhaps the topic of another post. WE SENT HIM A FREAKING HELLO KITTY BIRTHDAY TELEGRAM!!!! How amazing is that? How brilliant and hilarious?!?! And I guess what made it even funnier, I got the report from one of Paul's good friends, is that the guy in the Hello Kitty costume was this odd Nigerian guy, who didn't speak great English, and kept trying to get awkwardly close to Paul. Aahh birthdays and weird gifts, there is nothing better.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

mmmm boots

um, can my secret sugar daddy santa somewhere out there buy these scrumptious boots for me for an early christmas present, and by early i mean so that I can wear them to Robyn's wedding 3 weeks from this Saturday?

Sunday, November 2, 2008


This year our neighborhood decided to have game houses during Halloween, I think there were about 10 houses that had little games the kids could play while trick or treating. We hosted one of the games - The Spooky Eyeball toss. It was so fun to sit out on our porch like old people in our Canada chairs (thanks buff) and interact with all the kids. Fine holiday fun! Me and Cleo, and Tori and her springer Birdie, who was a cowardly lion at work on Halloween.

Aint she the purdiest?!?!

Forgot to put these up around Steve's birthday. I held a gun for the first time. And can I just say, I think it's a little insane that they will just give you a real gun with real bullets and just let you out into their little range. Perhaps that's the city girl in me, but I find that slightly psycho. Regardless, this was wicked fun. We went to a shooting range in Mesquite and shot clay pigeons (side note: i was really hoping these "clay pigeons" would be in the form of cute little ya know clay pigeons, alas they were not). I super sucked while Steve rocked it. I'm a little more afraid of Steve now.

Steve was thrilled that he could wear his heinous construction orange hat.