Tuesday, September 30, 2008

best song EVAH

Have you even heard the new song by T.I. and the fabulous Rihanna "Live your life" because it's going to blow your mind! If you are not prepared for a life altering moment do not go here, but if you are, join the club.


Sunday, September 21, 2008


Here is a list for you all:
1) 2 cousins hitched
2) porcupine attack
3) new calling - Beehive Adviser (so thrilled btw)
4) temps cooling (also so thrilled)
5) long road trip
6) puppy on extended visit
8) Rise and Shout

JEALOUS?!?!??! that's for you Juice, and you too Jason.

I took a leave of absence for the month of August, it was lovely. Juice, Lauren, Mother, Odette and I hopped in the car and drove to Santa Barbara and met up with my brothers and Dad. We had a stupendous vacay and look forward to many many more trips there. About 6 years ago my parents bought a house in Santa Barbara, which thrilled all of the Stowell clan. Santa Barbara is a totally amazing city, it's charming, extremely dog friendly, and beautiful. There are tons of great restaurants and splendid shopping. I'm infatuated with this city!

Elephant seals, very fat and weird, and I love them.Funny huh?Shabu shabu ... mmm in my belly.Juice and I at Will and Rachel's reception.The happy couple! Married in the Oakland temple.My best cousin, Marjolaine. I have so many hilarious memories with this mischevious girl, she's wonderful.We drove from Santa Barbara up to Oakland for Will's wedding then drove from Oakland to Salt Lake. It was quite the loop. We made it to Bear Lake finally and had a great Stowell reunion week. Here we are playing deadly spoons. THAT GAME WAS TOO FUNNY. Here is a glimpse: Mother said to Father "Come on David, put your big girl pants on!" OH MY GOSH FUNNY!Then Jason and Steve got the weirdness fever too. I was just taking the above picture and right after I did Jason got all wicked cozy and close to Steve and put on this huge grin, then Steve felt awkward and we all laughed because it was funny. Then we went to Park City and enjoyed some Rocky Mtn. Chocolate Factory, apparently the owner of this company lives in Promontory where my parents are building. P.F. Changs guy and Rocky Mtn. Choc guy watch out, Audrey Henderson is about to be your bestie at Promontory!Emeri and Jason got married. Check out the amazingness that is her dress. I expected nothing less of her by the way. Then we had an unexpected puppy stay at our house for a bit. This is Ryan and Emily's pup Terra, formerly Helga from Cleo's litter. Look at her tongue, I mean really.
Cleo was all like relaxed and what not and then ...Terra attack. Cleo loved to hate her. They got along really well but sometimes Cleo was so over it.Then Cleo v. porcupine. I'll let you determine who the winner was. So sad. I had left work early a couple weeks ago and decided to take the creatures to the river. Cleo and Terra and I were having a marvelous time when they found this burrow. It was up on the side of the bank and there was a tree and like shrubbery or some crap in front of it so I couldn't see what they were doing. They kept coming in and out so I figured they were fine. Then after a couple minutes Cleo was not coming out. I peer through the shrubbery to see porcupine cleo face!! eekk! I had to coax her out of the burrow, she thought she was in trouble because I was whigging. When I finally got her out she just froze, thus I had to carry all 95 lbs (yes she gained 10 lbs, freaking puppy food) as far up the river as I could. After I couldn't carry/drag her up the river any more I had to poke her bum with a stick to keep her moving. Mean while Terra is trying to bite at Cleo's quill face the entire time. It was not awesome. Fanny - remember when we were on the phone and I was like I've gotta go Cleo's being weird, yeah that was right before I looked in to find QUILL FACE! Anyway I took her to my clinic, we sedated her and pulled out over 200 quills. Poor Cle.

That entire night she was down for the count, enjoying her drugs. As soon as I got her home Terra cuddled up right next to her bed and stayed there. It was so darling I almost teared up.
Last weekend we went up to the BYU/UCLA game. My dad was in town for the weekend. We dropped Terra off with Ryan and Emily last weekend too. P.S. THE GAME ROCKED, BYU RULES!

Last night Steve and I went down to Vegas to play with Mike and Heidi and the girls. They moved to Vegas in July and we are thrilled to have them so close to us. Mike got tickets to this NASCAR race. The people watching was my favorite part, yeah the cars went really fast, but I much preferred to eye all the high quality peeps around me. It was fun, pretty much everything we do with Mike & Heidi is fun.Check out two of my adorably neices, Madison on the right, their friend in the middle and Mckelle on the left.
Fast cars, fabulous fans!This was taken last week. Steve and Cleo always keep me laughing.