Sunday, January 4, 2009

Our Christmas Vacation

So we went to Hawaii with my family for 7 days over Christmas. Everything about the trip was over the top amazing. My family pretty much rules and so I truly would be happy to hang with them anywhere but Hawaii was especially awesome. There are 9 of us now, with myself and Lauren both married to one man each,, to clarify. We are a big, boistrous, loud and hilarious group, and I'm so so lucky to have them all. Enjoy the pics. p.s. once again blogger and i are in the depths of a mind game so the pics aren't in the correct order, i got over it, you can too. Hike down to a black sand beach.

Don't we look hot hiking?!? Lauren's head is about to explode in this picture, explode from worry/concern overdose to the brain. I mean really check out all those signs. My favorite is "Do not approach the monk seals" and the picture on that sign is PRICELESS. Like keep your distance from these giant blubbery masses, they may be inclined to log roll you when awakening from their slumber. Serious injury will be incurred from monk seal log roll, beware. *actually being the animal aficionado that i am, the truth which i do know to be true is that these big fat seals can be psycho aggressive if provoked, so i would recommend not poking them.

People hike down to this beach and build these rock sculptures to honor the gods.
Steve being Jack Sparrow or something, really just showing off his rock sculpture and his hottness.
Steve & Jason's creation, quite impressive boys, nice rocks.Whenever we are all at a beach Paul and Peter, my brothers, always always skip rocks into the ocean, so many times on these vacations my mom and sisters and i or whoever is around just sit and watch, in that moment i always get the chance to take in what is happening, the people I love that I'm with, the beautiful location, it's always a great part of our trips.
The whole fam damley!Steve surfing on the swing.Chameleon i see you!Peter the sand monster. Usually we bury him in the sand on our beach vacations, he is now 6'2 and that would just be too exhausting, we're too lazy these days.
HA HA MAHALO, HA HA HA HA HA!! Wait don't you get it? I guess you had to be there.Volcano National Park, A REAL VOLCANO -- EEEKKKK!!! Last time it erupted was 1986. It was cool to see all the vents from the molten magma (austin powers anyone) below. Dinner at some yummy resaurant, best chicken picatta ever, mark my words.
Sunset Chrismas Eve. This is at Hapuna Beach, our favorite, we went back like 4 or 5 times.
We brought the Wii, and boy were wii glad! Ha, but really my family is obsessed with mario kart, every night we played. And maybe once when it was rainy. Bring your A-Game if you want to play at our house, i don't mess around. Also this afternoon Steve opened up all sorts of new glorious lands in mario kart world, so wicked sweet i fell in love with him all over again.
I gave steve Dance Dance Revolution for Christmas, uumm it's really funny.

No wonder he wanted it, he is a dancing machine. I think he missed his calling as a back up dancer, for now I suppose appraising will have to suffice.
My dad took us on a tour of some of the crazy amazing hotels, this is at the Hilton. I have never seen such a grandiose hotel.Sunset ... i'm even jealous of this picture.
The Hilton had its own dolphins, like they lived there.
Son in laws and a fake waterfall, what's up with steve being all Derek Zoolander, he knows no other way i suppose, except the way of ridiculously good looking male model.
We heart the Barlows. Especially when Jason wears his Bears shirt and we get unsolicited restaurant advice as a result. GO BEARS!

Can you spy the sea turtles?

A ba-gillion ants taking away a dead chameleon/gecko (still debating about that). Too cool to not take a picture, don't act like it's that gross, or just get over it cause it's awesome.
Christmas morning breakfast. Take note of Jason's santa hat, his great loves include Christmas, the U, and of course the Stowell family.
Could they be any funnier. Lauren likes her water with no ice and to wear sunglasses inside cause "it's so bright".
Father: "Mele Kalikimaka, check out my wicked sweet new black sweatsuit, that's right i match my 2 sons and 2 son in laws, i am not ashamed, not only am i not ashamed but i think i look hott"-he really did say hott with 2 t's.
Now this is a gecko no doubt, these little critters came out every night and chilled by the lights. I loved them, tried to bring one home to Cleo, that did not go well. beach time Scuba Steve We flew in and out of Salt Lake so that we could spend New Years and a couple more days with Steve's family. Taylor and I got along smashingly!
We even got a chance to go out to dinner with some of my lady friends and their spouses. We missed you Mans & Gavin, but we're glad you aren't dead.

My sisters have some more pics of our helicopter ride and other fun goodies, so stay tuned! Mahalo - ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha